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Review: CHICKAPIG, Timog

Nowadays, there are so many exceptional food concepts that showcase family tradition and culinary passion. Chickapig is driven to inspire and indulge their customers by simply offering yummy food, adequate serving and an enjoyable atmosphere to make customers happy and contented. NO COMPLICATION. Just an easy-peasy straightforward menu.

Their chicken is surprisingly tender. The parmesan cheese and garlic brought a lot of flavor to their chicken wings.

ShieCaptures favorite is their crunchy bagnet sisig. Rice, please! Hahaha! It somehow reminded me that I cannot be a vegetarian. Hahaha! This is a must-try!! 🙂 So good! Please order this whenever you’re in Chickapig.

Here are the no complicated yummy foods of Chickapig.

All foods were yummy and wallet friendly. 🙂

Chickapig is located at 122 Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

Review: Fariñas Ilocos Empanada

Fariñas Ilocos Empanada is now available for franchise. Sounds exciting for every entrepreneur out there, right?

Grabbed from FIE’s Facebook page.

Here are the best of Farinas Ilocos Empanada foods.

Special Empanada is so good as expected.

Recently, salted egg foods are getting popular so you better try their Bagnet with Salted Egg.

And the special Pancit Bagnet with Salted Egg is insanely good!

Enjoy Longganisa Bilao with tomatoes and salted egg. This Bilao is good for 6 persons. So sulit for only P495!

You can never go wrong with Dilis paired with Sukang Ilocos.

Authentic Ilocano food is truly worth trying for and something to be proud of.

Fariñas Ilocos Empanada is now open for franchise. For more information, please call 0917-8437078 or email them at Thank you for inviting, Miss Hazel and Sir Brian of FIE.

Review: Hapag Heritage, Maginhawa

I was invited by lifestyle blogger Alyssa Tuangco to try the new dishes of Hapag Heritage. Headed by Chef Julio, the restaurant wants to continue sharing and serving their grandmother’s recipe.

We started with Kilawin na Hipon (Php260.00) for the appetizer. It was good!


Manok ng Hapag (Php470.00) is their version of roasted chicken.


Their Sisiron Rice (Php260.00) and Tinapa Rice (Php240.00) is well-seasoned. Jampacked with scrambled eggs, tomatoes and spring onions as you can see.



The classic Kare-Kare (Php530.00) is every family would go for. Perfect for plain rice.


Beef Morcon (Php520.00) is perfect for the meat lovers out there.


Pansit Canton (Php280.00) is a bit saucy, but still good.


Their Binagoongang Baboy sa Gata (Php380.00) is my grand winner! The meat is tender and the sauce is so flavorful.


Sinigang na Bangus sa Bayabas (Php330.00) is my 1st runner up. The sourness is really natural. Guava is a good source of Vitamin C. This dish is healthy and so yummy, I can eat this everyday. Perfect for this rainy season!


Ginisang Hipon sa Taba ng Talangka (Php480.00) is my 2nd runner-up. This dish is delicious, but sinful. Haha. It complements well with their plain rice.


Ripe Mango Smoothie (Php120.00) is always refreshing.


Hapag Heritage’s adventure is not complete without any dessert. So let’s start with Pandan Macapuno Cheesecake (Php140.00) is delightfully sweet.


Ensaymaditas with Chorizo Bits (Php70.00) and Ensaymaditas with Tinapa Flakes (Php70.00) is something you wouldn’t want to miss.



While writing this, it reminds me of Little Manila, a Filipino food stall in Vietnam. Scrumptious dish like what Hapag Heritage is serving deserves a spotlight in the international cuisine.


The ambiance is homey that anyone can dine and enjoy Filipino comfort foods.




Flat lay and foodies behind the scene.




To experience authentic Filipino dish, visit Hapag Heritage.

Location: 140 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Telephone Number: (02) 813 9672


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Review: Bossing’s Grill, Ali Mall

What you eat is what you are. I totally agree with that! Everything should be in moderation, but sometimes we just can’t help it!Bossing’s Grill is a buffet which offers Filipino cuisine. Uncle Cheffy group of restaurants and catering services owns Chef’s Buffet, Bossing’s Grill, Kuse, Larry and Mau Diner, Market Basket, Chef’s Quarter catering service and Uncle Cheffy.

Bossing’s Grill started on October 2013. The story of the owners is very inspiring! The President Larry Cortez started as a security guard while the Vice President/Chef Mauro Arjona started as a kitchen steward. And because of their dedication, hardwork and determination, it all paid off! Their story only proves that if you really want something and you are damn serious about it, it is all possible! Indeed, everything is so hard before they were easy.

Let’s start our Filipino gastronomic adventure!

Fish fillet is very delightful.

The sliced pork is a bit salty.

 Sisig is the best!!!!!!

Here’s the other food that for sure you’ll definitely try.







Raise your dessert spoons!!!

<img class="size-large wp-image-793" src="" alt="Choco leche flan! Choco leche flan! 💕

Will I recommend it? Absolutely! Price: 5/5 Not bad for P299.00. Buffet, plus unlimited drinks. I agree with their tagline. It’s really “Buffet ng Bayan”. Ambiance: 5/5 Very spacious. Good job for having a function room. You can have a reservation for a business meeting if ever. Serving: 5/5 Make sure you leave room for the dessert! Taste: 4/5 Filipino dish with a twist! Oh my gosh! Choco leche flan is a must-try! Service: 5/5 The crew is very friendly and accommodating.

Location: G/F Phase 1 Ali Mall, Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City.

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