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Review: After All, Makati City

After all was started by a group of friends who felt that fun and business can go together, that friendship should last forever, and that a bar-resto set up can best achieve this objective, where there is good food, good music, and good laugther.

The group named this place After All to commemorate all those years that they’ve been together through thick and thin, and still enjoying good times together. Its a watering hole, a meeting place for friends, a place to talk about old jokes and funny things in the past, and what else to do “after all that we’ve beeb through.” I guess we just stick together, after all.

After All foodie adventure will start now. Yay!

Gambas Al Ajilo – classic favorite shrimps and garlic sauteed in olive oil with tomato sauce.


Deep Fried Crispy Pata – juicy pork leg famous for its crunchy skin. So sinful!


Romanian Deviled Squid – tender squid seasoned with herbs de provence and spiced with cayenne chili sauce.

Tuna Salpicao – fresh tuna chunks stir fried in savory sauce.

Saikoro Steak Skewers – a popular Izakaya dish of pan grilled skewered cubes of wagy beef. My favorite!


Buko Melon Freeze – coconut and melon slush.

Cara Java – creamy caramel coffee frappe gone wild.

Calibre – signature spin to the cuban libre witj a lime incused salted sugat rim.

Apple Yuki Matsuri – inspired by the Sapporo snow festival in Japan.

That’s what the place is all about. Thank you, After All for inviting! Good food and good music. :]

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