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Review: Gourmade and Party Toques By Chef Rob Lau

Gourmade by Chef Rob Lau proudly launches its party trays division, Party Toques: The Food Platter Expert.
Headed by Chef Mike Toledo, Party Toques promises to give your celebrations unforgettable taste and make lasting memories with your loved ones. Party Toques food platter is perfect for all types of occasions like baptism, baby showers, birthdays, family lunch/dinner, reunions, intimate gatherings of friends, barkada get-togethers or holiday feasts.
We tried Party Toques Sushi Platter (Php850).
Chicken Biryani (Php1240), Chef Rob Lau’s version reminds me of the Biryani I had when I was in Malaysia. I will post my Malaysia trip soon! 🙂
Persian Beef Kebab (Php1100), my family loves the Kebab! So juicy and complements well with the yogurt garlic sauce.
Miso Baked Salmon with Eggplant (Php1595), what I’ve noticed on  this particular dish is that it has Bonito flakes, a Japanese ingredient that will start to move when you add them to cooked foods. It can give an impression that they’re somehow alive.
Valencia Roasted Chicken with Paella Rice (Php1100), I find this dish so sulit! The price is very reasonable because you already have rice, seafood and a whole roasted chicken. Chef Mike said that the chicken has been roasted for more than three hours. No wonder why it was so flavorful and aromatic.
Thai Pork Glass Noodle (Php1180).
Squid Ink Bread, the filling of the bread are eggs and shrimps. I think it would be better if they will add some cream cheese on the filling so flavor will become richer.
Matcha Cream Chocolate Cupcake, the matcha flavor is not that strong so I liked it. However, the cupcake a bit mediocre.
Banana and Hazelnut Cream, the sweetness of the banana comes out naturally because of the light flavor of hazelnut chocolate.
Classic Red Velvet is run-of-the-mill.
Serradura in Black Sesame & Mango Flavor  (Php500) for 500 grams. Also known as Sawdust Pudding with multiple layers of sweet cream, crushed cookies, nuts & fruits all rolled together in one unique mouthwatering dessert.
Oreo and Chocnut, Oreo lovers will love this dessert. Believe me! 🙂
Green Tea and Hojicka Tiramisu, the green tea flavor is mild for this tiramisu dessert, which is good. Too much of green tea flavor will cause a bit bitterness to any food.
Let us end our year by eating yummy and healthy!
Party Toques by Chef Rob Lau is our perfect companion for this season.
For inquiries, please contact 0917 8719191 / 632 6162323 or email

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