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Review: Takami, Katipunan

Takami at The Yard, offers affordable and delectable Japanese foods. As per Lianne, Takami in Japanese means excellent. I thought they named it Takami because of the Filipino word nakakatakam (appetizing), but I’m wrong. Lesson learned: Don’t assume. Don’t assume, unless otherwise stated. #HugotIsLife 😁


Let’s start with their signature gyozas.
Beef Bulgogi Gyoza (P115) is good, but Buffalo Chicken Gyoza (P115) is better.


Beef Bulgogi’s sauce is so good! Sauce pa lang, ulam na. I know, it sounds familiar, right? But this is the perfect tagline for Takami’s Beef Bulgogi Gyoza e.


They also served Cheesy Bacon Okonomiyaki (P175). This is a Japanese pizza, a healthy version of pizza because the main ingredient here is cabbage and scallion. Ladies, perfect food for your diet! Also, it has Bonito flakes, a Japanese ingredient that will start to move when you add them to cooked foods. It can give an impression that they’re somehow alive.



Let me show you how cheesy teppanyaki is being torched.

Cheesy Beef Gyudon Teppanyaki (P150) is chewy and the sauce for this specific Teppanyaki is also good.


And lastly, the Cheesy Chicken Teppanyaki (P150).


Flatlay photo.


Takami is perfect place for the people who wants to try Japanese foods without splurging too much.

Location: The Yard, 83 Xavierville Avenue, Loyala Height Quezon City


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