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Benefits of Sugar Scrubbing, Whipped Salon


Listed here are the benefits of sugar scrubbing. Ladies, this is a must-read for you!

1. For a clean and clear skin
Scrubbing rid your skin of impurities and dead skin cells immediately.

2. Bye bye flakes
Did you know that flaky skin gives rise to dry patches. When you have flak skin, it allows the dead cells to accumulate over time.

3. Renew
Best benefit of scrubbing is keeping those dead cells at bay.

4. That perfect glow
Exfoliation will make your skin glow, exposing those rosy and porcelain like skin.

5. No more dark patches
Scrubbing will even out your skin tone by removing dark patches.

The underarms sugar waxing and scrubbing I had at Whipped Salon, Fairview Ayala Terraces is perfect timing for the wedding I had to attend. Of course, I don’t wanna attend any wedding event if my underarms is not wax. Thanks to Whipped Salon for taking care of my underarms! As always, service was prompt and quick!


For appointment, please contact 09175371423
Location: 3rd floor, Fairview Ayala Terraces

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