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Review: Asombroso, Quezon City

Hola. Cómo estás. (Hello! How are you?) I honestly had to Google it to make sure that I got the right translation. We received an invitation from Asombroso to try out their Spanish menu. Asombroso in spanish means amazing. (Yeah! Thank you so much,
Let’s start our Spanish gastronomic adventure NOW!

This is the Clams and Mussels in White Wine Sauce (P150). I enjoyed eating the green mussels. I had to master my self-control because I had to share it with the other bloggers.


Pulpo Ala Gallega (P160). Yeah! Gallega in spanish means octopus. 🐙 


It was Aldous who mentioned it to me via Viber that Pulpo Ala Gallega is an octopus dish. (I had to Google it again for the correct spelling!) I loved the potatoes for this specific dish! Flavorful because of the herbs and spices. Perfecto!

The Paella Balls (P180). Interesting because of the shape of the Paella.


The list of the other dish that you can try.


Location: 2nd floor, The Yard
83 Xavierville Ave. Loyola Heights QC
Contact Number: 09064352786

Thank you Asombroso for inviting!


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