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Caramel Scrubbing at Whipped Salon

Now watch me whip, Now watch me nae nae. Because of this catchy and popular song, we can never forget Whipped Salon.

So for this month of July, Jam and I had a schedule for Caramel Scrubbing and Sugar Waxing for only P350.00. Before, I used to have DIY coffee and sugar waxing when I was in high school. Haha. And this was the effect of watching F Show (Hosted by Amanda Griffin, Daphne Oseña-Paez and Angel Aquino) and Us Girls (Hosted by Cheska Garcia, Iya Villania and Angel Aquino). And I tell you, DIY scrubbing was hard if you don’t have someone to scrub your body especially the underarms part. It was messy too! Good thing that Whipped Salon offers scrubbing. Convenient, relaxing and affordable. I’m sure you want that. We all want that kind of experience whenever we visit a waxing  salon. image

I had the caramel scrubbing first, it was relaxing. Hehe. After that, sugar waxing was done quickly! The wax technician used this huge light equipment to plucked the small hair. Within less than 25 minutes, you can now achieve and flaunt your smooth and hairless underarms. Only Whipped touches my underarms, who touches yours? I know! Familiar, right? (From Belo Advertisement). Haha.

With Whipped Salon, you can look good and feel good! #StrippedWithWhipped

Location: 3rd floor, Fairview Terraces, Quezon City
Contact Number: 0917 537 1423

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