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Whipped Salon, Fairview Terraces


Located in Fairview Terraces, my friend Jam scheduled an appointment for our eyebrows and underarms waxing in Whipped. My schedule was 11am, but because of traffic in Regalado, I came aroud 11:20am. I’m actually willing to wait since I’m the one who came late for my appointment, still I got the service instantaneously! Yay! No more waiting game for me!


Last year, I used to go to Laybare and most of the time, I have to wait 30 minutes to an hour for me have the service.


I had underarm sugar waxing for only P250.00 and eyebrow sugar waxing for only P170.00. Eyebrows was done promptly! For my underarms, it was a bit painful. As I remember, it was last year when I had my last underarms waxed. After 15 to 20 minutes, my underarms were squeaky-clean and smooth.


The place was clean and womanish. If pink is your favourite color, you will enjoy the place. The staff were friendly! I’m so excited to try their other service soon! #GetWhippedNow #StrippedWithWhipped






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