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Charcoal Painting is Cool! :)

You can ask me to run half-marathon, but pleaaase don’t ask me to paint. Scroll down. Let me show you his artwork. Oh, before that, let me give you first a quick background of the artist.

He is Paul Anthony Arriola. Artist by heart. Cyclist by choice.

Image grabbed from his facebook account.

Image grabbed from his facebook account.

They say if you want to know the person more, you should ask quality questions. I think the reason why he painted my photo is because I kept on asking him how charcoal painting works. What kind of paper he used whenever he paints. How many days/weeks he needs to complete his painting? Where he able to visit an art gallery before, if yes, where? Does he have any influences? So many questions! You could just imagine how our conversation ended, he’s not yet done answering my first question then I have another follow-up question. Haha. I assumed he got tired and kinda annoyed! So one day, he asked for my photo! This is what you called reward of persistence. Haha.

Indeed, the good things in life are free! 🙂

Original photo

Original photo

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.–Pablo Picasso


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